Image of a TacticFX Printing Facility.

About Our Company

TacticFX™ is a Marketing and Growth Firm with a direct focus in Visual Communications Development. We develop the creative solutions you need to streamline the growth of your company and refine your long term development strategies for sustainability and enhanced competitive edge.


We’re not quite an Advertising Agency. We are an all-inclusive Strategic Solutions Company that specializes in Company Image.

We also work with some of the greatest names in the in the training and tech industries when it comes to startups and business growth so if we don’t provide a specific service, chances are we have a qualified relationship with someone who does. We’ve partnered with high-end executive coaches, overflow promotional press shops, distribution centers, book publishers, software engineers, mobile app studios, and more to make sure that no solution is out of your reach!


The TacticFX™ Team is built on strategists, designers, marketers, and most importantly, problem solvers who are devoted to your company’s success. Whether you’re an entrepreneur working in network marketing or a corporation of 500+ staff, we have the ability to develop the right strategies with you.

A blurred group on employees sitting at a conference table while diverting their attention to an off-screen presentation speaker.

Our History

The foundations for what was to become TacticFX™ today, were created in 2009 under our Founders name designing logos, animated ads, and web pages as a freelancer. In 2011 marketing consulting was added to the mix and the first complete business packages could then be purchased.


As more and more companies began signing on to get in on the ground level of our early service packages, we realized that there was such an incredible amount of potential for our products to grow and our clients to grow in tandem.


After 8 years of simple to complex freelance projects we decided it was time to take everything we had learned and built over the years and create TacticFX™ as you see it today.


In 2017 we launched our full-scale Marketing and Branding suite of services followed by our custom apparel, webhosting, and hydro dip painting brands in early 2018.


Some designers stay freelancers for their entire career or jump around from agency to agency so how did we do it? How did we create products and packages that worked well enough for us to turn a freelancing gig into a full-service Marketing and Growth company? We never forgot what it was like for our first clients. We keep the process affordable, simple, and streamlined.


The best part in working with us is that you know we have the growth and longevity of your company at heart, in everything we do.

Our Brands

TacticFX™ Logo in black with a blue rising arch underneath it.
A Horizontal row of TacticFX Brand logos including TFX Host, TFX Hydro, and TFX Gamer.



Marketing, Modern Design, Company Growth, Print, Promotional Products.


TacticFX Hosting™

Web Design, Managed Hosting, Social Media, Automation, Maintenance, Integrations, Online Presence.


TFX Hydro™

Custom Paint Designs, Hydro-Dipping, New Finishes, Specialized Branding, Polish, Coatings.


TFX Gamer™

Esports, Gaming News, Events, Asset Development, Early Testing, Bug Reporting, Community Engagement.