The Ideals Behind TFX Green

TacticFX is a Eco-Green Initiative Company which means we strive to go the extra step each day in doing our part to take care of the environment we all share.


When we introduce new products or offer a new printing material we first make sure they come from sustainable resources and reputable suppliers to help support and promote viable long-term eco-friendly solutions for the environment.

green and blue leaf-droplet icon representing our use of Soy Based inks in our printing.
Soy Based Inks
Our Soy and Vegetable-Oil based Printing Inks and Solvents are not only vibrant and extremely durable but they’re also completely biodegradable and emit very low traces of Volatile Organic Compounds which are the smelly, gaseous pollutants that evaporate into the air from petroleum-based inks and solvents while printing and setting.

Plus, as an added bonus our inks don’t permanently mark and dye paper fibers like typical petroleum-based inks do so when you recycle our paper stock they are broken back down into a much brighter and cleaner cellulose slurry to become reprocessed into lighter and healthier recycled paper stock.

We provide Eco-Friendly options for ordering your quality print on paper stocks that are recycled from certified sustainable production systems and the recovered fiber materials recycled from post-consumer sources which leave an Eco-Friendly footprint directly resulting in reduced amounts of pollution, product waste, and product consumption.

The combination of using Eco-Friendly practices on green-efficient printing presses creates an opportunity where we are able to offer greener solutions for sustaining a better environment while still maintaining our high-quality print at the ultra competitive prices you’ve come to expect from the TacticFX™ brand.

Plant sprouting icon representing our eco-friendly business practices.
Recycling icon representing our commitment to taking care of the planet.
We Recycle
At our offices and printing shops we take as much precaution as is available to provide our teams with the recycling solutions they need to help do their part in keeping our environment cleaner. We make sure that an eco-friendly and healthy mindset is incorporated into our company culture and that we provide the resources and support needed to sustain recycling practices.

By repurposing material scrap and utilizing reusable products where we can, we help to cut down on the overall waste produced by our facilities and manufacturing procedures.

Why is TFXGreen so Important to us?

There’s estimated to be 7.6 billion people using the resources of our planet in 2018. Out of every single person here today we still only share one Earth. On top of that another estimated 8.7 million species, the animals discovered so far who live here with us, are relying on us to remain responsible in doing our part to help sustain a healthy ecosystem.


While we take our commitments to being Eco-Friendly seriously, we are still so incredibly small in comparison to the world and everyone that’s in it. Reducing our solid waste and overall carbon footprint only makes an impact if we all work together, so we implore you to look into the options you have available in your home and office and commit yourself to living a greener lifestyle!

You’ll have our thanks and an easy commitment that you can be proud of!